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25 hands on kid’s party

25 innovative suggestions to prepare an elegant and nourishing children’s party. Colourful and healthy preparations through quick recipes and cool presentations. Fresh fruit soft drinks, juicy sandwiches, smooth cakes, stuffed fruits and explosive muffins.


  1. Carrot and honey soft drink
  2. Multi-fruit punch
  3. Citrus soft drink
  4. Magic drink
  5. Strawberry shake
  6. Sausage mini octopuses
  7. Cheese cookies
  8. Crêpe rolls
  9. Sandwich rolls
  10. Chapatis
  11. Strawberry and apricot crowns
  12. Meringue sticks
  13. Easy pastries
  14. Explosive muffins
  15. Stuffed walnuts
  16. Stuffed strawberries and raspberries
  17. Chocolate foam with fruits
  18. Almond ice lollies
  19. Strawberry and kiwi ice lollies
  20. Frozen funny faces
  21. White chocolate mini cakes
  22. Meringue omelette
  23. Almond sponge
  24. Chocolate sponge cake
  25. Yogurt tart

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