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25 hands on med cooking

25 recipes from the rich Mediterranean gastronomy. Appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts of a healthy, easy and affordable cuisine from all med countries.
1 and 5 minutes versions which include more info on each ingredient and all the cooking tips and techniques.


  1. Skordaliá (Potato and garlic dip) (Cyprus, Greece)
  2. Labaneh (Yogurt and mint cream) (Syria, Lebanon)
  3. Aubergine caponata (Italy – Sicily)
  4. Hummus with spring onions (Lebanon)
  5. Fennel and olives salad (Morocco)
  6. Beetroot and cumin salad (Morocco)
  7. Cod and shrimp fritters (Spain-Andalucía)
  8. Bell peppers with wild rice (Spain)
  9. Valencian “bullit” (España- Valencia)
  10. Rice and basil stuffed tomatoes (Italy)
  11. Tombet (España-Mallorca)
  12. Brik a l’oeuf (Tunisia)
  13. Fettuccine with sweet corn and gorgonzola (Italy)
  14. Meatballs with aromatic herbs (Spain)
  15. Sis Kebab (Turkey)
  16. Rabbit with red wine (Spain)
  17. Swordfish with almonds (Tunisia)
  18. Cuttlefish with onions (Spain -Mallorca)
  19. Yogurt and olive oil sponge cake (Spain)
  20. Blood orange crème caramel (Spain)
  21. Baked apples with cheese cream (France)
  22. Almond biscuits (Morocco)
  23. Olive oil crêpes (France)
  24. Tiramisù (Italy)
  25. Syracusan fried vermicelli (Italy-Sicily)

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