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25 hands on picnic

The best way to enjoy meals outdoors. Recipes to enjoy later, perfectly packed, rich and diverse. Sandwiches, salads, seafood and meat. Some are ready to keep temperate for a few hours.


  1. Cream cheese & bacon tortillas
  2. Pan-bagnat
  3. Basil sandwich
  4. Bologna sandwich
  5. Cocoa muffins
  6. Ham and cheese scones
  7. Fruit and cheese brochettes
  8. Fruits en papillote
  9. Gazpacho salad
  10. Roast vegetable tart
  11. Mascarpone and strawberry crêpes
  12. Onion tart
  13. Breaded shrimps
  14. Tapenade with herbs
  15. Potato and tuna salad
  16. New potatoes with salmon
  17. Couscous and chick pea salad
  18. Bread and cheese nougat
  19. Cold meat flutes
  20. Veal fingers with sesame
  21. Quick potato & cheese omelette
  22. Floured veal fillets
  23. Fried stuffed rolls
  24. Tomato dip
  25. Sandwich surprise

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