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25 hands on quick cooking

In less than half hour, recipes to be ready in a moment. Broths, clams, shrimps, chicken or stuffed eggs… and some great desserts for a quick menú.


  1. Green beans with pine nuts
  2. Baked potatoes with dried onions
  3. Asparagus with balsamic butter
  4. Corn chowder
  5. Quick pizzas
  6. Club sandwich
  7. Baked cheese sandwich
  8. Dried tomato tapenade
  9. Parmesan mousseline
  10. Bresaola with goat cheese cream
  11. Fresh pasta soup
  12. Quick swordfish stew
  13. Fried clams
  14. Sauté shrimps with salad
  15. Quick roast chicken
  16. Chicken with cream
  17. Steak with fine herbs butter
  18. Risotto milanese
  19. Rice pilaf
  20. Linguini with fresh “passata”
  21. Stuffed eggs
  22. Chocolate soup
  23. Peaches in red wine
  24. Caramelized pears
  25. Pure lemonade

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